Demonstrating the Internet of School Things – a National Collaborative Experience

The DISTANCE project is a pilot project working with schools across the UK to define how the Internet of (School) Things can enhance learning in science and other subjects, such as technology and geography. Our goals are to get students and teachers measuring and sharing data – using new technology on the emerging Internet of Things – in ways that help make learning fun, link directly to the curriculum, and ultimately inform the design of the next generation of schools. We ask questions such as:

What objects are connecting to the Internet?
What information is being relayed and how?
How can we make our lives and the lives of our community better using this data?

The DISTANCE project is a collaborative consortium and includes the following partners: Birmingham Urban Climate Laboratory, Explorer HQ, Intel, Open University, Science Scope Ltd, Stakeholder Design, UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and Xively.








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