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Intel bring world class technology across the entire computer continuum from high performance computing to low power mobile devices and cloud computing to sensor networks and edge processing.
Science Scope have a 30 year track record of selling science equipment into schools and bring experience in the commercial aspects of school ICT.
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Xively bring expertise and proven track record in delivering a scalable data hub; the company has grown and nurtured an enthusiastic user community who are building applications on their platform.
Stakeholder Design are leaders in educational user experience and service innovation, with a track record that includes the Design Council’s “Schools Renaissance” programme, the Dept of Education’s “Project Faraday” and numerous overseas projects.

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The team at the Open University have developed and deployed 8000 teaching kits and an IoT learning platform.
The University of Birmingham provide access to 100+ climate sensors across their local schools and neighbourhood, and bring a wealth of experience with the development of school resources.

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Explorer HQ bring experience in creating compelling mobile interactive experiences and the resource base to create learning materials that can be used in the schools. Involvement in the project will widen access to the ‘mission’-style approach to learning by doing which is part of the Mission:Explore project’s format.

UCL CASA will be extending their “City Dashboard” visualizations to create “School Dashboards” to support inter school connectivity and discoverability of data sources between communities.