weather station

Central to this project is the Internet of (School) Things kit that we have been working with our pilot schools to install. Different schools will be using different types of kit, from weather stations and energy monitors to air quality and sound monitors. The documentation for each set of kit can be downloaded below.

GPRS logbook and associated sensors (indoor and outdoor air quality, light, energy, sound and temperature)

Weather station



weather resource example

We’ve developed a series of resource packs that include session plans, guidance notes and photocopiable materials to help educators use our kit inside (and outside) the classroom. These packs have been developed around four broad themes: weather, mobility, energy and performance. Below are links to the completed resource packs. Check back over the course of the project to download new session plans and updated materials.

Weather session plans (KS3)

Mobility session plans (KS3)

Energy session plans (KS3)

Blank resource pack

badges tr

There are two interactive sites that educators and students will use over the course of the DISTANCE project: the Dashboard and Mission:Explore. The Dashboard is an interactive, real-time visualisation of data uploaded to the DISTANCE portal by the various devices. It uses live data for analysis and discussion as part of classroom activities. Mission:Explore is a student-facing website where they can complete mission activities and earn badges related to the session plans.

Guide to the Dashboard

Guide to Mission:Explore